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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  February 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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66 95, 395, and it looks good at the wilson bridge. newschopper 7 flying over 270 at 495. uneventful start on 270. good run on the beltway from the mormon temple and at the american legion bridge. now to adam caskey. >> tracking conditions this morning. not a bad start to the day. normally it we would be around freezing. currently near 40 degrees. 42 in the district and at dulles airport, 39 anat gaithersburg. mid 50's this afternoon. low 50's especially northwest of town. increasing clouds tonight in advance of the next system that will bring areas of light rain tomorrow. just a few scattered showers not a big deal. that's around midday and afternoon especially. low 50's tomorrow. up to 1/4 inch or third of an inch by tomorrow night.
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seven-day forecast coming up. >> starting a 48-hour morning -- mourning period in alexandria to remember a fallen firefighter. joshua weissman died of duty. friends and co-workers and family members will gather to pay tribute. jummy olabanji has more. >> good morning. emergency calls will go on as they are needed. there will be other firefighters and paramedics from other localities around alexandria who be filling in gaps so that joshua weissman's fellow co- workers can attend a memorial service. you can see as ambulance behind us with flowers parked outside his farmhouse on seminary road. the 33-year-old firefighter
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from bristow died when he was responding to a call and tell from 395. he succumbed to his injuries and washington hospital center. tonight at 5:00 at the everly- wheaton funeral home in alexandria for the viewing. tomorrow is in alexandria -- tomorrow is indisputable in alexandria at beth el hebrew congregation. this will attacaffect schools as they will be closing in alexandria. service will not be disrupted as far as emergency calls. we have posted which roadways to avoid. our viewers can go to >> the eighth day of the uva
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murder trial. prosecutors could finish their case today against former uva lacrosse player george huguely. medical experts to the stand yesterday and testified that george huguely's pas then- girlfirend died from injuries caused by blunt force trauma. the defense claims that her death was accidental. george huguely has pleaded not guilty. we are following a developing story from the middle east where israel is accusing iran of trying to kill a diplomat. this comes after explosions in thailand india, and georgia over the past few days. the u.s. and europe are pushing for iran to be evicted from an independent financial clearing house that is crucial to the company posted overseas oil sales. president obama started a three- day road trip today with a stop in wisconsin. he will visit a padlock manufacturer in milwaukee that he mentioned during his state of the union last month. then the president goes to california and in washington
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state campaign fund-raisers. congress could send a payroll tax-cut bill to the president's desk as early as this week. lawmakers reached a tentative deal last night to extend a tax break and unemployment benefits through the end of the year. brianne carter is live on the hill? with what that compromise could mean for the average american. >> even before the tentative deal came about last night, the president urged congress to act. he said this really needs to happen now, that there could not be a worse time for this to fail. we understand there's been a lot of back and forth between the two sides but now there may be a deal in the works. congress is nearing a deal on the payroll tax-cut extension. >> i think the mood is to get it off the table. we have to move on to other issues. >> under the tentative agreement reached by house and senate leaders, but to% payroll tax cut would be extended through the end of the year, a move that would add $40 extra in the average paycheck, once thousand dollars per family over the
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entire year. >> most important is that we get this done. >> the measure would still have to be finalized and will renew jobless benefits for the long- term unemployed and prevent cuts to doctors who provide medicare services. both sides are said to and made concessions. the president called this a make or break it time for the middle class. >> as you guys know, you cannot take anything for granted in washington until my signature is on it. >> that could happen as early as this week after it passes here on the hill. but people here say it's not a done deal, that changes could still be made because it's just a tentative deal. part of this is they did not go ahead and do extra cuts to fund this tax extension. that means $100 billion to the deficit, something both sides are still talking about. brianne carter, abc 7 news. > rick santorum will visit
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pennsylvania. mitt romney grew up there. santorum and romney are running even right now in national polls. rick santorum also looking into the possibility of secret service protection after a rowdy rally in washington state earlier this week. he says it is for the sake of his family. romney is the only republican candidate right now that the secret service projects. if a warning for people in the northwest d.c. police and neighbors on high alert. investigators are trying to determine if progress in columbia heights the last two nights are linked to a robber is in tenleytown and friendship heights. two people were robbed last night in columbia heights and two others on monday night. the masked gunman approached their incomes, their money, and escaped in a getaway car. six minutes past the hour.
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still ahead, metro finally admits liability for the deadly red line a crash nearly three years ago. and the president goes advice for men on valentine's day and how he celebrated the romantic holiday. the seven-day forecast
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>> i am courtney, executive director of the reading connection e. our volunteers get kids excited about reading and give them new books to keep. good morning, washington. >> we will start with lisa
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baden. >> take advantage of newschopper 7 while we can. looking at traffic on the beltway in tysons. looks good between the american legion bridge and 66. headlights are the inner loop right now on the way from annandale and into tysons and towards 66. a good run through falls church. in maryland, no problems to report on 270, the beltway, and in baltimore. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. if if you go to the foggy bottom station, the entrance escalators are out of service. not working at the foggy bottom station. they are requesting a total for those who may need it. >> fairly mild temperatures right now for this time of day in mid february. looked at the numbers. shepherdstown, 40 along with leesburg and la plata. 38 in stafford 42 in warrenton.
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washington virginia, 44. at the freezing mark in frostburg. 40 in mclean. right around 40 degrees give or take this morning, on our way to blow to mid 50's this afternoon. starting the day with clouds, and breaking into sunshine especially for the midday and afternoon. tomorrow, areas of light rain, not a washout tomorrow. around a quarter of an inch and maybe a third of an inch in spots. most of that will be in the midday and afternoon. have the umbrella handy. by friday, clearing, 53 and pleasant. back to you. >> thank you. the president and first lady celebrated valentine's day in old town alexandria. dining at vermilion restaurant. earlier in the day the commander-in-chief offered advice to other men with someone special in their lives. >> let me start with a quick public service announcements for all the gentlemen out there.
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today is valentine's day. [laughter] do not forget. i speak from experience. it is important that you remember this and go big. >> he also sent his wife a valentine's tweet. exported degrees in laurel, maryland. a warning for women. the possible toxin found in hundreds of brands of lipstick. and more than two years after metro's deadly as day, why the transit agency is finally taking the blame. the special significance behind the trend where whitney houston's funeral will be held. -- the wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
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whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app day.
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>> hooters the governor chris christie ordering class to fly at half staff on saturday in memory of whitney houston -- flag still flies at half staff. she will be laid to rest at a private ceremony at the same church where she got her start in the late 1970's. the decision up said some fans hoping for a chance to grieve at a public memorial. >> we have shared her for 30 some odd years with the state and the world. >> i saw her before she was the musical icon and i will take that with me. >> investigators are still waiting for toxicology reports before they can determine how much if any prescription drugs and alcohol were in her body.
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around the region, metro is admitting that it is liable for the 2009 red pinecrest and killed nine people. the examiner reports that metro and the equipment manufacturers filed court papers saying they will admit liability in several cases to avoid significant risks and costs. the transit agency and the companies have settled a number of lawsuits connected to. that to we could find out today how much it will cost to use the dulles toll road in the future. wtop reports the airports authority is expected to produce a new analysis. a one-way trip could cost as much as $11 by 2013 according to previous estimates. toll revenue will be used to pay for most of the cost of the second phase of the metro rail extension to dulles airport. a bill that would legalize same- sex marriage will be introduced in the maryland house of delegates today. two house committees approved the bill yesterday at one day after 1000 gay-rights activists
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rallied in annapolis. governor o'malley supports the bill. if the house and senate approved, maryland could become the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage. warning about what is in the medicine you may be taking core ... and you may be wearing. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> good morning. a good year for airlines. the nation's biggest carriers did well last year and on-time performance. december's record in particular was the best in 17 years. 99.7% of baggage was delivered on time as well. avastin counterfeits are being distributed in the u.s. and they don't contain key ingredients. the company says it should be easy to spot the bogus cancer drugs. leaedd found in 400 brands of lipstick. a consumer group says it's time to get the lead out. for people wanting a jokes of
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coffee without taking off their skis there's coffee on the go at a starbucks the location on the mountain. i am rob nelson. >> texting the weather. >> any umbrella tomorrow. it gets complicated on the weekend. i am typing up ha blog with my stocks on that. i've not getting my hopes up for snow chances. the lincoln memorial is lit up right there in the center of your screen. i watched the sun rise in the mornings on the weekends sometimes. i tell her it's the rectangle building, my daughter and i.
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she refers to the washington monument like a spaceship building. its 43 in the district, 42 at dulles, if 36 in culpeper, 41 in martinsburg. a mild start normally we would be a little below freezing, but that's not the case at this time. we have clouds streaming over yet, shown in quiet. some areas of rain started to gather in oklahoma and as close as missouri. that's part of the low pressure system that will track of the northeast, passing just west of washington tomorrow. that will put us on one side of the system and give us rainfall. sorry, snow lovers. that's been the story of the winter. we are looking at around a quarter of an inch of rain throughout the day tomorrow. not a washout. it's not going to be raining everywhere all the time. test of the scattered showers here and there especially from the midday into the afternoon.
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beautiful day. morning clouds, then sunshine. 53 degrees for the high temperature. a little warmer to the south of the metro area. possible to get into the mid 50's. mostly cloudy tomorrow, light rain mostly from one time through the drive home. overall simulations averaging around a quarter inch -- overall accumulations. maybe a third of an inch or more in spots possible. friday sunshine, 53. mostly cloudy conditions on sunday. slight chance of a system could bring us on sunday, but it is too early to tell what exactly will happen or even to give you a good degree of certainty on the possibility. right now we will say a slight chance of a brief wintry mix possible on sunday. we will update that forecast accordingly. the computer models continue changing on their predictions. >> i don't have any thing major
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around the beltway. interstate travel in and out of baltimore looks good as well as the b-w parkway. 70 is clear. volume on 270. here's a picture of traffic moving at colesville road and university boulevard. there was an accident earlier. four corners is very quiet. i love that headed towards the high school. 29 at 193 is moving well. no problems on colesville road at the beltway. looks good in virginia. 66 volume only. that's the scenario eastbound this is before and after a 50 headed to 123. that's normal. >> too bad for so many people. 6:20 right now. linsanity spreads across the border to canada. there's the game-winning shot. he is the hottest thing in the
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nba right now. you are watching "good morning washington." >> this is no brady bunch. stepparents and kids, how they can keep the peace. next "anderson."
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>> fans on their feet. >>win.
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>> the game on the line. the hottest player in basketball did not disappoint last night in toronto. jeremy lin made a tie-breaking three-point with less than a second to play, rallying the knicks in their win over the toronto raptors. he had 27 points and 11 assists. he is the first american taiwanese player. the wizards may have turned a corner last night in portland. nick young exploded with 25 points. 29 for john wall. the wizards second straight win on the road. they will go for 3 tonight against los angeles taking on the clippers. the pekingese named malachy. >> the pekingese. >> top dog at this year's
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westminster kennel club show in new york city. four-year-old malachy beat out the interior and other dogs to win the best in show. congratulations. 6:25 right now. still another 30 minutes ahead. a world without nuclear weapons. the white house could announce a controversial plan to cut the nation's stockpile. >> in charlottesville the prosecution is expected to rest its case today. a live report straight ahead. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather [ female announcer
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] more people are using wireless devices in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for eryone.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, standing down for two straight days -- the impact a paramedics funeral could have on emergency services and alexandra plus, the
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prosecution is getting ready to rest on day number eight of the uva murder trial. good morning washington, it is wednesday, february 15. it is another clear and mild morning but some changes could be on the way maybe tomorrow. adam caskey will have a check on the forecast in a minute. let's check in with lisa baden. >> maryland is pretty tight on route 5 and route 4 and normal volume is starting to grow. southbound is loading up on 270 which is normal. this is the beltway and rte. 4 pennsylvania avenue moving nicely from andrews air force base at let's go to newschopper7 flying over 95/virginia and 7100 is northbound and it has normal volume from dale city. metro rail is reporting that all trains are running a normal
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service systemwide but the entrance escalators at the foggy bottom station are out of service. >> we are taking a look at the temperatures early this morning. it is not so bad, near 40 degrees. frostburg is the cool spot at 31 degrees. it will be 53 degrees for the high today and tomorrow you want to have your umbrella handy. it will be just a few scattered light rain showers. for the most part, will average about 1/4 of an inch of rain. near 50 degrees again tomorrow. >> 48 hours of morning begin tonight in alexandria when the city fire department will stand
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down to remember the life of a fallen paramedic. joshua weissman died in the line of duty. jummy olabanji is live with a preview. >> good morning it will be a very emotional two days for the nearly 300 firefighters and paramedics who work here in the city of alexandria and who worked alongside a joshua weissman. they will have those days of the other firefighters across the region will fill in the gap and working for them, responding to your calls as they can go to his memorial service. he was 33-year-old from bristol, virginia and he was killed last week while responding to a call on 395. he fell over the overpass to his death and the fire chief said he suffered a severe head injury
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and died at washington hospital center. the patient -- the vigil starts tonight at 5:00 and alexandra at the beverly-weekly. hundred two mar 01 o'clock is when his funeral service begins. -- the funeral starts tomorrow at 1:00. there will be several road closures around seminary road and throughout the city. we posted the information for our viewers on the road closures on our website >> today is also a day number eight of the uva murder trial. the prosecution could be ready to rest its case against george huguely. >> after nearly a week and close
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to 40 witnesses, the prosecution is nearing the end of its case. medical experts assured of the jury that yeardley love's death was a violent and had little to do with her blood alcohol level that night. her emotional mother left the courthouse during the graphic prosecution testimony. medical experts spelled out how she died from one -- blunt force trauma. there were two different injuries to her brain, one that would shut down her heart and lungs. this juror was excused. >> it is important whether she would be alive if he didn't put her hands on her. >> george huguely admitted they had a physical encounter that night and he left her with a slight nosebleed. >> hopefully they can get everyone to agree. >> the medical testimony is crucial but the jury will need the entire picture from prosecutors and of the defense to make a true assessment of
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what happened. >> whatever is necessary in order to make sure the jury as the clearest idea of what is going on has to be. >> prosecutors have more science to present today to the jury. there is dna evidence that indicated that george huguely tried to erase the evidence. >> a developing story from the middle east where israel's prime minister says iran is destabilizing the world and must be stopped. israel is blaming iran for explosions a dead diplomats in thailand india, and in georgia. the united states and europe want iran to be kicked out of a group called swift which is in in -- a financial clearing house. the obama administration is considering sharp cuts to the nation's nuclear arsenal. the options include a possible 80% cut in the number of deployed weapons. such cuts will be in line with
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the president pledged to eliminate nuclear weapons but the plan would face criticism from republicans to worry about a smaller military force. michigan will be the next battleground in the fight for the republican presidential nomination. rick santorum says he will make mitt romney fight for his home state. the former pennsylvania senator is running television ads in michigan and will visit the state tomorrow. mitt romney grew up there and his father was the state governor. they are both running neck-and- neck in national polls. rec center looking into the possibility of secret service protection after a rowdy rally in washington state. he says it is for the sake of his family. mitt romney is the only republican candidate with secret service protection. a robbery spree in northwest d.c. as police and residents on high alert investigators are trying to determine if robberies in columbia heights the last two nights are linked to recent robberies in friendship heights and tenleytown.
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police say that masked gunmen approached the victims, took their money and escaped in a getaway car the time is 6:36 and the temperature is around 41 degrees on this wednesday morning. still ahead, a payroll tax cut compromise just in the nick of time. josh gerstein has the details. herman cain is reaching the decision about his future not in politics but on "dancing with the stars." another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes coming up.
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>> the time as 6:39 and glad you joined us this morning we want to start with traffic because of a growing volume we have been watching. we go live to newschopper7 flying over the beltway in virginia at route 50/arlington boulevard, the inner loop between 236 and there is a little bit of volume. i will jump over to our next geico center camera with plenty of volume live on 270 southbound at furled -- at father hurley boulevard to go to falls road where there is a broken down a
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vehicle but that will be on the shoulder by the time you get there. all the railways are in good shape. >> thank you. let's check in with doug hill and find out what is happening with the weather. >> good morning, it is a quiet morning and there is still cloudiness but we will get rid of the clouds and enjoy a sunny day. let's check out temperatures around the region with the cloud cover, a little bit warmer than in recent days, starting the days and the lower 40's. the cloudiness will be moving off to the east. there is a break coming our way but it will take a while and we will get sunshine and it will be a one-day deal because the clouds will roll back into night ahead of the next system which is coming from the south and that will pass to our north and west and give us some of rain.
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temperatures will slowly climb today as the sun breaks through and the highs this afternoon will be in the lower 50's and over the next seven days, it looks like another beautiful day on friday after the rain on thursday and a beautiful day saturday and a bit cooler on sunday. there will be clearing skies for presidents day and we will have more for you in about 10 minutes. >> we have heard herman cain cancelling but unless you're close to him, you probably have not seen him? but you won't get a chance to see him dance because herman cain has turned down an opportunity to compete on "dancing with the stars." he was offered the chance but he is still promoting his 9-9-9 tax plan. it is around 41 degrees at 6:41 and next a statewide tribute to
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a fall in pop star but no public memorial. the latest from the death of whitney houston plus, a fight over gay marriage moves forward in maryland but first, a deal that could keep more money in your pocket. we
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00 tonight, it has taken years bus -- but how did we help getting a leading -- a utility pole of a woman's property, join us at 5:00. >> time is running out of a payroll tax cut that has benefited 160 million american workers. it expires at the end of the month of late last night a bipartisan group in congress signaled they have broken her and found a way to keep it going and keep that money in your
6:45 am
pocket. josh gerstein joins us with the details. what was the breaking point? >> it seems like the house republicans who had tried to block this deal at the end of last year but then gave in for a couple of months decided they did not want to have a fight over making sure this was paid for and they came up with $100 billion that was needed to cover this payroll tax cut through the rest of the year. they lost that argument last year and made a political decision they did not want to have that fight again going into november. >> the key is getting this past november and passed to the elections. it is a 2% tax cut that had been a fact and the money was a sticking point. where is the money coming from? >> the $100 billion that will not be paid for will be borrowed from other places where people are learning as that money for the federal government and the other $50 billion will come out of the height of several
6:46 am
workers which is a group that republicans in congress are targeting lightly. there'll be a change in the formula of how they pay their retirements fund. some of it will come out of the pocket of hospitals because part of what is happening in this deal is extended some of the payment rates for doctors to provide medicare services. those are set each year to go down and congress wants to keep the mother was doctors would stop serving those patients. >> you have a great blog on a >> the white house is saying these people cannot afford to pay for groceries and someone was on the website yesterday saying one of their children would die of this tax cut was not extended. >> it looks like they got the message through. thank you so much. you can read more about it at a the president will have a stop in wisconsin dairy and he will talk about a rebound in
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manufacturing when he stops in milwaukee. the president will also attend fund-raisers in california and washington state. a state trustee to a cultural icon, new jersey governor chris christie has ordered flags to fly at half staff on saturday in memory of whitney houston and that is when she will be laid to rest and a private ceremony. the funeral will be held in the same church where the singer got her start back in the late 1970's. the decision upset some fans were hoping for a chance to agree that a public memorial. >> they had shared her for 30 something years with the city, with the state with the world and this is their time now. >> i see her before she was the musical icon we all know. i will take that with may. >> meantime, investigators are still waiting on toxicology reports before they could determine how much, if any prescription drugs and alcohol or in her body.
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round the region, metro is admitting it is liable for the 2009 red line metro line crash that killed nine people in washington metro entry equipment manufacturers have filed court papers saying they will admit liability and several cases to avoid significant risks and costs. the transit agency and the company says they have said they resent -- they will settle a number of losses. same-sex marriage is expected to be introduced in the full house of maryland. two house committees approved a bill yesterday, one day after thousands of gay rights activists rallied in annapolis. governor mel supports the bill and if the house and senate approved, maryland could become the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage. candidates to replace harry thomas jr. facing a deadline today. they have until 5:00 this afternoon to collect signatures from 500 registered voters in ward 5.
6:49 am
the seat was left vacant when he resigned last month after pleading guilty to embezzlement. the time is now 6:49 as we take a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we want to talk about travel times because it is still working for us this morning. we have a heavy volume but everything is typical. 95 in virginia will slow from dale city and normal travel times are expected to get into newington and it will let you go once you get into springfield and in and out of baltimore, we will give you the green light for its 66 has a heavier volume but no problems right now between centreville and the beltway. we are good on 270 between father hurley boulevard and 495 despite the problem we had with a stalled car at falls road on the shoulder. on connecticut avenue at randolph road, this is the pace going to the neighborhood 3
6:50 am
kensington. >> let's get right to doug hill with a look at our forecast. >> we are about 10 minutes from sunrise and it is kind of cloudy out there but we will get sunshine later today. there are some breaks in the overcast and high pressure will move in for one day and give us sunshine and mild temperatures, in the 50's. we're starting off in the low 40's. we will have no trouble making below or, possibly mid-50's. the satellite images show a general motion to the east and northeast. the system from hk moves out and we will be in fine shape for today but the next system is on the horizon over the central plains which will move north east. the track will keep us from the warm side of things and keep us away from the heaviest jolt of precipitation. there will be light rain
6:51 am
tomorrow and temperatures will be around 50 degrees or so. here is a look at our micro- cast. the clouds will increase as we get to the nighttime hours. it is mostly light rain for the day tomorrow, especially by the evening and the afternoon hours. by thursday, it should be out of here quickly -- rather by friday and back to sunshine. becoming partly to mostly sunny today, lower 50's and the clouds come in tonight and tomorrow mild but areas of light rain. what about the weekend? adam caskey will take a look at that in 10 minutes. >> thanks so very much. it is 6:51 and a beautiful view of the capitol dome. you are watching
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>> the alexandria fire department will begin saying goodbye to a fall in paramedic today. he died last week after falling from an overpass on interstate 395. a visitation will be held tonight and his funeral will be tomorrow. prosecutors could wrap up their case against george huguely today. medical experts testified that his former girlfriend died from
6:55 am
injuries and blunt force trauma. he is charged with the death. house and senate negotiators have reached a tentative deal to extend the payroll tax cut for the end of this year and jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed will also be extended. 6:50 fifth -- 6:55 and let's get a look at traffic and weather. >> on the beltway in tyson's, bill lanes are open and we will take you up to newschopper7 and show you what is happening on route 7 at the beltway at tyson's in the area of the long- term dulles will project. moving to another camera, we will take you to the other side of town. that is the beltway at river road running smoothly. >> not a bad day today. we are breaking out into sunshine and highs will be near 53 this afternoon and tomorrow, we will have areas of light rain just some light showers here and there into the
6:56 am
afternoon hours. it will clear out friday in a big question mark for the weekend and a lot of uncertainty. we will keep an eye on that and there's a slight chance of a wintry mix and that is very slight. i love snow and i simply can't get behind this. >> it does not hit the excitement meter does it? >> 43 in the district. look at that beautiful picture of some of that 7:00 a.m. and we have 10 hours and 45 minutes of daylight today. the sun rises at 7:00 and tomorrow it rises at 6:59. >> we're breaking that 6:00 barrier. thank you for waking up about this this morning
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